oem 60 tie rod vs after market

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Dec 14, 2005
Since its time to change my tie rod ends because of excessive wear over its history I did some checking on prices at the dealership.

I Priced out the tie rod that connects to the steering box arm at 159.00. Buy the time time tax is added its going to be 189.00 or more.

I find this to be insanely to high for a tie rod end. Perhaps someone here knows of a alternative supplier in the states where I can purchase one for allot less? Has anyone had experience with napa tie rod ends?

This is for a BJ60 if it makes any difference.
I got a good price on TRE's from Cruiser Outfitters. They are a mud supporter, check out the banner add section. My first set from them lasted several years. This latest set looks fine, except I bent the long one on the driver side pretty bad at Katemcy. Pretty sure that wasn't the TRE's fault though. :lol:
Haryv - Did you try CDan at American Toyota? Look in the vendor section for their ad. He gives IH8MUD discounts which are great. Best of all you will stay OEM.

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