OEM 15x6 wheels - What're they worth in good (not great) condition?

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Feb 16, 2005
Spokane, WA
Since I've got the Taco wheels for my truck now, I'll be taking the tires off my stock 60 series wheels and selling them if I can. They're very good daily driver wheels, but they do definitely show their age. Some minor surface rust that shows in a couple of the grooves that I usually polish away, and the chrome has seen better days. They look great still after a good wash, but that's definitely 25 year-old chrome on them.

You guys think I could get maybe 150$ or so for the set of five? I'll post a pic of the worst one when I get a chance so you can see their condition.
not worth much...unless good set of tires come with them. I sold mine some time ago but they had good tires all the way around so just the tires was worth the $$. Just not much demand for the stock wheels.
You can't sell them around here (Utah) for $20 a wheel. We have had a bunch for sale online locally that are still there weeks later.

I prefer the pay it forward method, give them to a Cruiser owner in need of some stockers.
I got about $100 for a Calif-cond set of 5, sold to a local MUD member a couple of years ago ... (wheels only)


Though some of the 40 series folks powder coat them white and use them, as they're the same as the late model 40-series spoke wheels, only chromed.
Well Spook I might be able to use them wheels. Where are you located?

Just a short ways east of Spokane, WA. Too bad shipping is so damn costly or my odds of being able to sell these (and a good set that I never even used) would be much better :doh:

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