Odometer Problem 1974 FJ40

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Jun 24, 2009
My odometer was stuck the tenths worked rolled through the numbers but the miles did not move. I looked up a repair thread, took it apart cleaned and reassembled. Now the tenths roll the miles over on the 5 instead of the 9, the miles also roll over on the 5 instead of the 9. So at 5 tenths it turns 1mile at the next 5 tenths 2 miles after 4 miles and 5 tenths it rolls to 15 miles. any idea what is wrong and how to fix it?
Just a wild guess, but me thinks if you disassembled the odometer wheels, then it probably didn't go back together the same way. Most likely the little gears between the numbers are 180º off or backwards, or?. Take it back apart and try again, just look very closely at how it might go back together differently and try it that way. It's not right now, so it can't hurt to try something else. Unless you lose some parts, your not going to be out anything but the extra time. Good luck and let us know how it goes. I'm sure others will be interested in the results.

I repaired my 82 bj odometer with parts from my 75 fj 40 about 5 years ago. it worked fine until last summer when it started to just roll the milage numbers half a digit each time the tenths rolled around. I just took it apart to fix. I found that the wheels had slipped apart on the shaft just enough to allow some of them to not engage fully with the next higher wheel. my solution was to put a small metal shim between the inside of the housing and the highest wheel to keep them from drifting apart. You have to be sure all the wheels are aligned correctly and the metal plates are engaged to the metal face of the housing. You definitely have an assembly problem. Go back and look at everything carefully, and try again. Good Luck!

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