ODF Forest Values & Beliefs Survey

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Oct 3, 2006
Medford, OR
This was forwarded to me from CreeperSleeper. Please take a couple minutes to fill it out.

Good morning,

This month, ODF is cooperating with the Oregon Forest Resources Institute (OFRI) to conduct sampling of Oregonians’ values and beliefs regarding forestry and current forest issues. These random, statistically-valid surveys and focus groups will directly inform OFRI’s communications work and both ODF’s and the Board of Forestry’s strategic planning processes. The Board will receive a report on this work at its September meeting.

In addition, our contractor, David Hibbitts, and Midgall Inc., has established a separate, informal survey that is now posted on ODF’s home page: State of Oregon: Oregon Department of Forestry. Please consider taking this five-minute survey yourself and forward the home page link and a request to take the survey to your partner organizations, stakeholders, friends, and family . All responses will be valuable (in a less scientific way than the other surveys) in helping us understand what Oregonians’ perceptions and opinions are when it comes to forestry. Other benefits may include getting more citizens engaged in thinking about the importance of our forest resources and perhaps attracting more people to our website where they can learn more about ODF’s work in addition to taking the survey.

The ODF online survey will be available through April 30.
Done. Hey, wait a minute...:doh::D
Done, thank you for sharing.
Done :)
Havent lived here long, but I work in construction / wood products industry. Def an important survey to complete. DONE!
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