Odd Slave Cyl. Mounting

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Oct 12, 2007
Greenwood, CA.
This is my '68 FJ40 with '93 Vortec V6, FJ60 4 speed AA bell housing. It looks like the clutch fork is a little short, the slave just does not line up very good. I'm using a stock slave cylinder and stock clutch fork.

That's about the way mine looks and it has never been a problem. The alignment gets better when the clutch is depressed. Is that a big drip of brake fluid coming at your camera lens off the banjo fitting? :)
yep, mine looks like that and has never been a problem.
Hmm...my history is a little rough...did an FJ40 ever come with a Chevy engine from the from the factory? Or an AA bellhousing? That could be the problem...

Whenever you put things in a Landcruiser that weren't intended to be there originally you're going to run into installation/fitment issues.


Does Pamela Anderson have all stock equipment ? I don't think that's a problem.:D
That shaft on the slave does not look correct neither does the bango fitting but the slave is...as long as the shaft stays in the fork socket I would not worry about it.
Banjo is not a problem. Used in hydraulic brake lines all the time. Just need to make sure copper washers are in good shape. Copper !!!! not Brass!!!

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