Odd brake noise from pump ('14 LC 8k miles)

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Feb 17, 2015
Hi all. Looking for some opinions before I take my LC in tomorrow for a diagnosis:

-14 LC with 8k miles. Owned it about 3 weeks.
-Making two distinct noises (one after the other) nearly every time I press the brake pedal
-Tough to hear with the radio on or windows down. Easily audible when radio off / windows up
-First noise is somewhat of a "woosh".... Almost sounds like some air escaping as I depress the brake pedal.
-Second noise immediately after I press the brake is a buzzing for 2-3 seconds. Sounds almost like some sort of small pump or servo motor.
-Sound seems to come from behind the dash in the same area as the brake pedal, but I'm not positive on that.

Any ideas? Since it's clearly related to braking, I've got a sense of urgency to get this looked at asap.
Heard the same thing in mine right after I got it (used 2011). Dealer said its normal and the new one on their lot had same behavior. Never one to trust a dealer I posted here and the response was that its normal. Enjoy your ride!
Thanks for the feedback. Hearing this every 4th or 5th time makes sense. What concerns me is that this happens nearly every time I touch the brake pedal.... Probably around 9 of 10 times I press it. Is that normal for this car? Thx.
Took my LC to the dealer on the way into the office this morning. Explained exactly what I said above in my post. They said the first "woosh" sound is normal, and I should expect to hear the second sound (brake accumulator) more often than not any time I press the brake. Does this seem right to the experts on the board? Thx.
My LX570 does not do this. Is this specific to the LC. Maybe with the LX570 the more sound deading material make it so you don't notice.

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