Octane questions

Mar 31, 2005
I know this has been beat to death, but I am curious what others with more knowledge have to say.

I have done some research on 'pinging' (ie: detonation and pre-ignition) and am still confused. Does the computer in the FZ allow this

Originally Posted by Gumby
I have run advanced timing for 90,000 miles with no rattles ever. I wasn't speaking of us running the timing past factory anyway. i was referring to the computer being able to add more timing before spark knock for better performance from the factory. Aluminum will allow this.

Sure seems to me like that is what the computer is supposed to do, but I really don't know. I cannot tell if I have ping when driving I-70 West (with 87); but I do notice a climbing difference when I run the 91 octane vs the 87. Am I giving into the power of positive thinking, or is there really a difference?



94FZJ 135K 2.5 OME 285 Cooper ATR CDL Pin 7 DD
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