Ford occasional miss!!!

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May 13, 2009
southeast wisconsin
i have an 85 f250 4.9 carb straight six... every now and than itll have a constant miss... but after a few minutes of driving and it warms up the miss goes away... does anyone have any kind of idea what could cause this??
i believe its hei... but i think i found the cause, dist. cap keeps coming loose and messes with it, the truck also runs rich from a straight pipe, no cat or muffler, 3 inch exhaust... so i just pull the plugs and sandblast them abit... but im not entirely sure if thats the issue at hand
well the fact that your running rich from the open exhaust doesnt have anything to do with why ur missing. find out for sure if ur running point or HEI, then well go from there..
the richness does actually... czu if you think about it, the more fuel in the combustion chamber at once, some just goes out the tail pipe, while the rest gums up the plugs... the more crap on the plugs the less likely hood of a spark getting to the electrode which in turn gives you a miss... czu i have to change my plugs once every two months now czu of that, but ive been stretching that out by sandblasting them once a month, so now i change them once every 5 to 6 months... and it is hei, no points whatsoever... now im not tryin to sound like am ass, but i only know this czu my truck is a wannabe deisel... you might be thinkin, wtf??? simple... when my truck sits at a red light or just idles for too long more unburned feul stays in the combustion are, and when i rev it up to clear it out, nothing but black smoke comes shootin out my tailpipe, it even does that while driving down the road... but as s previously stated, its also czu the dist. cap comes loose on me once in a while, i didnt know that till a screw from the rotor shot threw the cap and broke of the little electrode on the rotor... luckily i was only a block from home so i was able to limp it back
well the way u put all that it sounds like you need to upgrade ur plugs to a hotter spark and turn the motor down, plus get better wires. Doing that will solve ur miss problem and you wont have to replace your plugs as often.
well scout... what brand of plugs and wires would you recommend? seeing as how you know quite abit, and im impressed, ive never came across a chick who knows what the hell theyre talking about, its usually the thingy the that thing iver there, or its that thing that goes into the bob that connects to the thingymajig...
For wires i would go with either Mallory or the Moroso, u want the min. of 8mm and spiral core.
The Moroso cost a little more but there both really good.
For the plugs go with Autolites, NGK, or Champion..
and go with one grade hotter then you have right now

Thank you with the compliment my dad raised me like the boy he never had
your welcome, its always cool to see a chick who knows what theyre talkin about... and thanks for the advice for plugs and wire brands, ill have to look into that
Now you need to post up a video so I can hear what that thing sounds like. :D I've got an '80 F150 with the same motor.

welcome... again sorry for the s***ty quality... truck sounds like a diesel, shoots black smoke like a diesel, and after racing someone, it sounds like it has a bigger cam... its an overall strange truck that wants to be a supped up diesel

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