OBA and nitrogen

Oct 27, 2003
North Cadillac
I may have an oportunity to get some compressed nitrogen for cheep :) I know it's ideal for tires, but the real question is, are the majority of O2 tanks capable of holding nitrogen? Is there a special valving i'll need to buy? You think ARB lockers would work off it?
Nov 16, 2003
Dixie co. Florida
Nitrogen does not condense under pressure into a liquid like CO2 does so you don’t get near as much usable gas out of the same cylinder size making it impractical,

At what kind of pressure are we talking about? I have used nitrogen bottles up to 6K psi.

Refrigerated nitrogen (liquid nitrogen) could store a lot of gas in a small space but it does not last very long, the bottle has to relieve through a valve all the time to maintain the cold temperature. The liquid nitrogen bottles we use are quite large (3’ diameter, 5’ tall), and would not do well for transportation.

I don’t know of any reason why you could not store nitrogen in an oxygen bottle as long as the pressure rating of the bottle and regulator are not exceeded. But that might be a better question for somebody who services bottles. Some gassed under pressure react with metals


I am not aware of any such issue with nitrogen but I don’t service bottles for a living, best to find out before you use an O2 bottle for nitrogen.

Assuming the same temperature the absolute pressure is inversely proportional to volume, so if you double the absolute pressure you halve the volume.

A 1 cubic foot bottle at 2k PSI will give 41 cubic feet of air at a pressure required to fill a tire, 35 PSI = 49 PSIA, 0 PSI = 14 PSIA plus you have to subtract the 1 cubic foot of unsuable gas left in the bottle.

A 1 cubic foot bottle at 130 PSI will give 3 cubic feet @ 49 PSIA, 2 usable cubic feet to fill a tire
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