Oak Interior Parts No Longer Available

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Dec 11, 2006
Doing a bit of a refreshening on the LX and can get some of the interior bits in oak that have gotten trashed over the years but some have been replaced with grey or black parts. Specifically I am looking for the front console panel around the shifter, the armrest/console and a right rear door armrest. Does anyone have a source to get nice, untrashed examples of these in the correct colors? I have tried Cruiserparts.net in the past but, while the parts were in functional shape, cosmetically it looked like they'd been used during a war.

I've heard of folks that use a heat/vacuum treatment to restore plastic bits as well but can't find a source for that.

Pretty frustrating. I've been able to find correct color/style parts for 50's and 60's Merc diesels in the past and these trucks are only ~15 years old.

Thanks in advance
You could post up in the Classified Wanted section or look through the Parting Out threads.
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you could also get your existing interior pieces dyed by the local dash repair companies. Up here we have Patch n Match and they do a good job with refreshing parts. However, if they are high-wear items (like door grab handles or armrests) the coloring will tend to wear off over time. On a console, I wouldn't think that this issue would be a problem.
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