For Sale NYC: 5 TRD Rock Warriors with Milestar Patagonia M/T tires 285/70 R17 Almost New

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Dec 17, 2015
Wheels are in very good condition. Tires are practically brand new with 2,200 miles. Spare has 0 miles.

Asking $1900. Looking for a local sale. No shipping.

I purchased the wheels used from a forum member back in November of 2018. He had just had the rock rings polished and re-clearcoated. He explained that in the process he had the rock rings trimmed or shaved on 4 of the 5 wheels (the rings are a bit narrower than standard). One of the wheels I used as the spare has the standard width ring and has a few scuffs on it. You can see this in the photos.

Tires are Milestar Patagonia M/Ts in the Toyota recommended size for a 200 series 285/70 R17. These are Load Range E tires and they have been excellent. I purchased them new in November and had them mounted and balanced at the Lexus dealer where I work. Fairly quiet on the road for an M/T tire. Good traction through the winter at the mall (lol) and on the one off road trip to Rousch Creek I took them on. They were mounted on my 2008 LX 570 and have a total of 2,200 miles.

There are no TPMS sensors mounted.

Offer includes hardware (2 full sets of splined lug nuts with 2 sets of TRD wheel locks) and splined socket of course. Includes TRD Wheel caps (which were new in box when I bought the wheels in November) and an additional older set.

These wheels and tires are balanced with no vibration. They are ready to go.

I have additional pictures. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Located in Astoria, Queens NY





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Nice. Wish you were on the left coast. Glows.

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