nv4500 and 2f

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Dec 22, 2004
Bend Oregon
Anyone have an nv4500 behind their 2f? How do you like it gear splits and cruising on the highway wise?

None of my business if you want to go this way, but an H55F is about perfect for an FJ60, and bolts right up. Why work so hard?
Mike McCullough (sp?) down in Tampa had one. It was a hassle, with BH adapter, special clutch disc, T-case adapter, modded X-member, modded d-shafts... I rode in the truck, it seemed to do OK with the broad ratios 'cause it had a torquey 2F in it.

That was right about the time we all figured out the H55 was readily available and a bolt-in. Oops.
I did this conversion. The compound low is sweet, but the install was a PITA. The trans is noisy too. The 2F died a year later and I moved up to a ramjet 350. If you intent on staying with the yota motor I would go H55. For a v-8 conversion the nv4500 works well. Both are way way better than the 4-speed.
i kinda like the sm420 myself....

that true granny gear is tough to beat. and it will bolt straight up to my 350...
still not sure if ill do that when i do my 350 swap or keep the yota tranny.
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The reason I ask is because I have an vn4500 in my 40 and I will eventually be puting a big diesel in the 60 and in the mean time I would like to have an od. The nv4500 will be in the 60 at some point, along with the diesel, I just thought that I might as well put it in now.

I will be puting a toyota trans in the 40.

If I didn't have the nv4500 already I wouldn't go out and buy one but I have one so...


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