NV4500/2f question

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Mar 19, 2007
Want a 5spd for my '84 60. I understand the relative ease of using an H55F, but I can get a deal on a new NV4500 for a one-ton dodge.

Has anyone here put one of these behind the 2f, and if so what were the issues dealt with/extra costs (ie driveshaft mods, adapters, ect)?

You will need two adapters. One from the 2f to the nv4500 and one from the nv4500 to the transfer case. I don't know about driveshaft mods but it it is possible. Advance Adapters makes a kit with all that you will need. I would also check to see if your clutch would work with the nv4500 or if you would need another one or a different input shaft for the nv4500. Also the transmission brace might not work either. You might have to fab another one.
If you are sticking with the 2F I would probably use a H55. I did this conversion, but used a GM NV4500 which has a compound-low first gear, the dodge does not. I recall changing the input shaft and having a new t-case bracket made. Advanced Adapters kit worked. I bought the Dodge adapter and redrilled the plate so it fit up to the GM. Best of Luck. While totally bulletproff, the NV4500 has proven to be a noisy SOB....
I still have the factory 4 speed in my cruiser.I think I'm going to eventuly swap in th H55F.My old man has an older Dodge Cummins with NV4500 and the gear jumps seem huge(ie rpms from one gear ratio to the next).I don't think it would be a very good idea to run a tranny with such large gaps in it with the 2F.The 2F is a bullet proof engine but as we all know a little lacking on the power side especially for a heavy truck such as an FJ60.I've never ran an H55F either but it seems as if you would have one more useable gear on the street.As for a low first for crawling it sucks not to have it but it seems to me that when you add up all the hassle of swapping in the NV plus the larger gear jumps the H55 wins out.Thats just my humble opinion. -Rob

NV4500 H55F
1st 5.61 or 6.34 1st 4.84
2nd 3.04 2nd 2.61
3rd 1.67 3rd 1.51
4th 1.0 4th 1.0
5th 0.73 5th .84
Rev 5.62 or 5.04 Rev 4.84
The chart gat all messed up

NV 4500
1st 5.61 or6.34
2nd 3.04
3rd 1.67
4th 1.00
5th .73
Rev 5.62 or 5.04

1st 4.84
2nd 2.61
3rd 1.51
4th 1.0
5th .84
Rev 4.84
Hey Winslow
From the looks of your sig line it appears that you now have a 350 in your 60.
How was the 2F with NV4500?Did the gear jumps seem huge or is all just in my head?How is it with the 350?

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