Now thinking about suspension, opinions?

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Jun 22, 2006
I done some searching and reading, but wanted everyone's opinion.

I am thinking about prematurely (AHC is working fine) ripping it out. I can't decide between heavy & medium and 1.5 or 2.5. I am leaning toward heavy due to the recent mods, plus when I hunt I have lots of gear and occasionally meat to carry.

As for the 1.5 or 2.5 lift, I just purchased285 tires so won't be changing sizes any time soon, and clearance where I drive is not usually an issue. I like the height of truck when AHC is on high - what would most replicate that?
AHC high is roughly 1.7-2" lift. The rear lifts more than the front.
Not sure I would take off the AHC if you do not have any problems. In additon you have after market accumulators that are high quality. I bought two from and it really imporved handling. I fitted 285/75/16 on the LC without any lift and it is doing fine.

With the AHC the truck is more stable on the road I feel.
I have another lifter Land Rover on 36" with live suspension not as great on curvy roads.
Maybe you are right, but wonder about the sheer weight of things when fully loaded with people and gear.

Can you tell me more about these aftermarket accumulators, I have never heard of them?
Peg, my truck with the new OME Sport-Firm shocks, 860s and OME Tbars rides a million times better then AHC all around. Offroad, onroad, mountain road twisties, it's nice. When It was stock the AHC was acceptable, but when you add 1000+lbs of stuff, the damping rates just cant keep up. Joe@Slee drove mine for a few minutes into area bfe at cruise moab and said it was much more planted compared to his with the AHC locked in H. It was NOT a smooth road by any means.

You may want 863s in the rear though with your dual swingouts and aux tank.
A couple guys I wheel with have been using a custom progressive coil from Christo on the rear of their 80's with great success. From my OME866 experience I am not a fan of that type of progressive coil; however Christo settled on a much more reasonable differential that results in a coil with very, very impressive results: Real world. I've wheeled behind them over a wide variety of off-road terrain (and highways too) and I am very impressed.

I don't know the spring rates for this coil as Christo doesn't list it on his site. I believe he only made 3-pairs originally but I'd call him IIWY to determine if it would be viable for you. I suspect the softer side coil rate is somewhere near what an OME 863 is but with better overall performance for a rig with rear bumper, tire carrier, drawers and/or subtank/loaded.

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