Note to 'Pristine'

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Mar 28, 2003
Gulf Coast
Psst....Pristine: Tell Beo to do everything he can to keep you in tip-top shape...tell him to buy you about 5 ft. of clear 3/8 plastic tubing, have him slit it lengthwise, and push it over the metal lip on your tailgate. This will preserve your paint when he hauls the occasional lumber with the hatch up.
:-X :-X :-X

If's I'm not mistaken ... and I really shouldn't say this ; but :flipoff2:

[glow=red,3,300]-= NEWSFLASH =-[/glow]

"...Owner of infamous 'Pristine' realizes his life long dream , and clinches a $35 Million dollar deal with international giant 3M . Rumor has it that the deal involves a 'transparent' , protective automotive coating ..."

Imagine a Rhino™ coating that is there , but cannot be seen . Even scratching meld into an invisible blur ... pristine !!

:-X :-X :-X
Next you will be suggesting that people can leave their shoes on when they climb in if they just slip little bootie covers over them.


you want to tell me that you don't have shoeboxes next to your front seats. Mine came as stock.

>> hauls the occasional lumber with the hatch up <<

Blasphemy. Pristine is never used for mundane hauling tasks... that's what the utility trailer is for.


But thanks for the tip!!!

If I'm ever in the area, I'm going to pay a farmer to dump a load full of
right on her to make up for lost time. Poor girl can never be the truck she wants to be when B has her at all the sewing shops in town. :flipoff2:

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