Not sure the HVAC is turning off.

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Dec 28, 2010
NoVA (Northern Virginia)
I could have sworn that the driver side and passenger side temperatures went off before when I would cut the HVAC system off. The two numbers on either side of the clock and outside temp is what I am talking about.

System on:


System off:

With it off I can still hear the HVAC system running.
Is your cool box turned on?

It it is, your fan will never actually turn off, even if your nav screen says it is.
Thanks! That would be what is doing it then. Was starting to wonder if it was my imagination that the numbers weren't going away or they never did. Will run down and check that in a bit. :)
In my 2015 LC ( Gulf Spec ) the numbers go away when i press off while the cool box is on, only place i could actually still feel air coming in is the vent on top of the dash on the drivers side. No air flows from the other vents not even a little bit.
On my 2006 100 i could also switch off the AC while the cool box was on.
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When my cool box is on, the numbers do disappear, but there is still a little bit of air flowing from the vents.
Sure enough, Cool Box on was what was doing it.
If I cut the Cool Box off, the temps still stay on in the display, but if I hit the Off button on the HVAC system, they go away and everything cuts off. Mystery solved.

On my 2014, the numbers stay present even if I hit Off while the Cool Box is on.

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