Wanted Not sure if you want to sell? Make me an offer on your FJ60.

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Hello all. Here's a strange request...Make me an offer on your 87 FJ60. I recently sold my FJ40 (I've had 10 of them) and got a decent amount of money for it that I'm going to spend on my next Landcruiser, an FJ60. But I'm having a difficult time finding the perfect one.

I'm looking for one that has a near perfect body, meaning no rust, small dings and not so great paint I can deal with. I'd also like it to have some of the more well known mods (ie..lift, tires, ARB bumper...) I like the "expedition" style. But a clean stock one will be great also.

So if you've been thinking about selling your rig but not sure, or maybe you haven't thought it until now let me know...I'm will to pay a fair....even a bit more than 'going rate' for the right rig. Please let me know. I'm in the San Francisco area of CA but willing to look and travel the west coast for the right rig. Thanks :beer:
I have an 87 with an h55 and fairly straight body but not perfect that I am selling what is you email an I will send you a link to my photos. I'm in Denver so I don't know if you want to travel that far. Good luck with your search, Art

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