Not sure if its broken birf or flange

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Red Beard

Aug 23, 2007
Kennett Square, PA
Last week, something in my front end broke. The cruiser wouldn't move and made a nasty grinding noise. CDL locked, kept driving no problem, no noise.

I took off the front driveshaft yesterday, and went for a drive, NOISE! Confusing to me, I thought it was the front diff. I crawled underneath and the noise sounded like it was coming from the passenger-side hub.

Today, I take apart the hub assembly, and I have the axle out, but I can't see obvious answers of whats broken.

What's the signs of a broken diff?
What are the signs of a broken drive flange? (i'm still not even sure what that is) :doh:

Here's where I'm at currently:
photo (2).jpg
photo (3).jpg
It looks like the splines on the drive flange are stripped. You wouldn't have to take it all apart to check the flange, but now that you are in to it for a dime you are in for a dollar.
Yeah, I kinda wanted to take everything apart to learn about this stuff.. I agree, now looking at the flange, its definitely stripped. Not sure if the spline is stripped though. Cleaning that now to get a better look.
Usually on the 92 and older, the drive plate splines will wear faster than the axle splines. Even with some wear on the axle, a new drive plate will get you down the road. Post closeups if you think you have severe wear and you'll get some good advice here. The later models have a deeper drive plate with more contacted spline depth. Not sure you can use the newer drive plates, but if so, would delay wear on the axle splines. Lube them on assembly - most mech's forget/don't.

I've ordered a new drive plate from Specter. Hopefully I get them ASAP... My axle splines look OK, not the best. But they definitely still have some teeth to them.

Now when you say lube them on assembly, I'm guessing you mean lube them where the teeth are interfacing, correct?

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