Not new to projects but new to land cruisers. FJ45LV

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Jan 12, 2022
Hello all, I recently came into possession of 67 FJ 45LV. I am no stranger to wrenching as I have had a 1972 F100 for about 15 years. My biggest question is where to start. It has the original 1F engine in it, but from what iv read its weak tired and overall a pain to drive with the 3 speed that comes with it. I'm not interested in corrupting it with an ls swap and would like it to stay as oem as possible. Iv been told a 2f and 4speed from a 60 series will mount right up to the mounts with minimal issues. Also that Toyota still makes parts that work for it from the dealership. I have an old Man-A-Fre catalog from 2002 that came with it when it was parked in 2002. I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel here so if any one has relevant threads they covered a 1F to 2F swap or just experience with early model 40's it would be appreciated. Thanks from central Texas. Below are some photos of it.



Thank you for your help and I do understand what I have. It has been in the family for 40 yrs and it was my uncles before he passed last spring so I am aiming to restore it in his honor. Thanks again.
That's awesome, family history makes it even better. :)

Make sure to start a "build" thread and keep us posted on the progress. With lots of pictures!
Great looking rig and ja, super rare with those sides. I think they only occurred in the US market for a couple of years before the 55 was a thing. 1F 3spd to 2F 4spd is a common enough conversion and simple enough when you know which way round to hold a wrench. Tons and tons of info on this forum, the search function helps alot. Start your own build thread and keep it updated and any questions you have will get answers quick.
I will Definitely start a build thread as advised. Im new to forums as well as i dont do any social media but yes search bar is my best friend. Ill keep everyone in the loop.
You're be better off starting a build thread in the 45 section. LVs do share alot of parts with other Cruisers, but they do have certain LV specific items. Hopefully yours is complete cause so parts are extremely hard to come by.
Good luck.
Mines pretty complete. Now how to delete this incorrectly placed thread? :oops:
It's not incorrectly placed. Like Pure Vida suggests, just put a link here to the build thread when you start it.

FWIW you have a pretty complete example and I would be tempted to keep it as original as possible, including the F engine. Of course if your desire is to turn it into a long distance tourer then that probably won't cut it. Congratulations btw.

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