not new to cars/off-roading but new to me 01 lx470 needs some fun bits

Jan 24, 2021
chandler, AZ
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so im not new to offroad. from baja and trophy trucks then race cars and dirtbikes to streetbikes ive done it all. however my latest hobby i accidentally got into again is slow going overland exploring. the kids are old enough to enjoy it now. so i paid a friend $2k for a 01 lx470 in super great condition he just wanted to get rid of it, he has a rule when he hits 25k spent in repairs its time to dump it. so here i am with a mint 217k mile bone stock car with lots of dealer kept maintenance. long story short is i am looking for anything local first. bumpers, low profile roof rack, sliders and skid plates. let me know what you have and lets talk. also i plan to keep the ahc for a while its almost all new from chandler lexus.

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