Not everyone knows! 💁‍♂️ But everyone can learn... How well do you know your vehicle?


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Mar 29, 2003
I know what the Tundra has, but frankly I’m debating a Sequoia TC & a ARB / Harrop in that 10.5” RR.

Prob leave the IFS diff & ratios stock, I only run 35’s.

AWD would be nice, and it’s not like a Tundra 3UR is about MPG’s.

The 80 already has junk added.
May 15, 2005
No Worries - Everybody Learns New Info At Some Point! That is exactly why we post this kind of stuff :)

Check this video - It will clear up a lot of the mystery!
Ok, I’ll play along. 60 series 4.11’s factory 4pinion limited slips front and rear. FF front and rear.
Used to run 3.73 but. running 285/75R17 Toyo MT, which equate to ~33.5” after wear.
12HT / 5 spd with factory 7 psi boost 3.0 low range transfer so I can afford a slight bit taller gear for hwy for economy. Wouldn’t consider 4.88’s way too short for going anywhere but on local trails. Economy would tank.
In the video you mentioned 4.88’s in a stock Tacoma. Must be an auto. Why not look at locking
the converter before falling off a gear count? But I have absolutely zero knowledge of auto trans and
no knowledge of what factory gears are in a Tacoma.
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