Not a very strong swimming

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Cruiser Jimmy

Sep 15, 2004
Western Slope, CO
Okay, So I'm at Badlands with some friends for some weekend wheeling. An 80 (me), uh 40, uh Disco 2(I think) and a Ford Bronco (the OJ Model) are all in company.

After lunch we head back out to the trail. If you've been to the Badlands you know the water hole that's right before the left to the rock quary.

Well, I made a half hearted attempt before lunch with a pass. So now I've got to live up and I head straight for the deep end.

I keep the rig going and did not let off the gas.

See below.

edit: BTW, no lift on the rig and 285/70-16 Yokohama Geolanders
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Results of my stupidity. This post is to benefit specifically anyone that has a 3FE engine and generally to add to what is out there in the way of water crossing with an 80 body.

Well, I thought I was going to suffer some ill effects of driving the 80 thru water. But as it turns out I was okay.

1. The cab started taking on water as the water line raised. The water mostly came in thru the door seals and the secondary heater under the passenger seat. The carpet was damp in the 2nd row area and it pudded around the drivers feet and passenger feet.

2. While on the trail I tested the starter to see if the ele. system was okay. Restarted the engine and there appeared a loud sound as the engine restarted. That sound took about 3 days to disappear and it decrease over time.

3. 3 Days after, I left the running lights on and it drained the battery. That night I put the battery on a 2 amps slow charge for about 10 hours. No problems since.

4. Checked the output on the alternator, in spec and no problems.

5. Oil change: on appearance of water in the oil.

6. Tranny: knowing the tranny and that it's a closed system, I had no worrys about water getting inside.
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axles OK?
Great picture to show people where the drain slits are... that should be checked for blockage with a zip tie :)
Tranny, transfer case, and both axles have vents. Did yours stay above water?
the tranny and transfer case vents are attached to your oil dip stick--you might need a light to see them.
I ran a similar depth in a stream out an Anza Borego. I remember the bow wave working it's way up over the hood, just like you have in your first pic.

Other than changing all the fluids, it cost me a $500 alternator a few days later. We ran the stream several times, so the alternator probably spent 15 minutes under water.

It was such a fun day, it was still worth it.
e9999 said:
axles OK?

I'm planning on checking the backlash on the front diff in hopes to fix my 'clunk' next weekend. I'll drain the diffs and refill at that time.

I'll let ya know.
Sr. and Rich,

I remember seeing tubing coming from the xfer case, tie in with the tranny and meeting at the tranny dip stick. I'll change that fluid out also next weekend.

I'll report out.
gbell and Tech,

Thanks for the input.

I was only in the water for about a total of 2 minutes. But in that time the rockers flooded and since the alternator is low on the 3FE I was concerned about the total time in water.

Well, if I have to replace the alt later, I'll upgrade to a MeanGreen.

The bow wave was pretty awesome. Of the many things I've gained from Mud, one is don't stop mid stream to smell the roses.
hope you dry out ok
alkaline747trio said:
Is this a '92 w/ leather seats and 16" rims?


I bought the rims many years back. I waited for the next tire buy to put them on.

The leather seats I picked on about a year and a half ago in NC. Complete set. Passenger and drivers seats are manual, not elec.
lt403 said:
hope you dry out ok

Yeah, that was one side effect. The interior smelled like a gym locker after everything semi-dryed up.

I took all the seats out and took the carpet out and pressure washed the carpet. Three days to dry and the smell was gone.

You're a NUT...certifiable.

BTW, that's not a bow wave, I'd say more like a Tidal Wave!

Get some sliders on that rig before you destroy those rocker panels....!

Glad to see you've had some fun. You were the talk of the club here in Chi town.

Ali, it’s all about having fun right. Sliders are being fabricated up shortly.

Follow up report:
1. I dropped the front diff to change out the gasket which has started to fail. (I hate oil spots on the driveway.) The diff oil did not have any signs of water which was surprised me since the diff gasket was bad and the axle was underwater. While the front diff was out I check the backlash. It was in spec. Replaced everything and buttoned it up.

2. The knuckles and birf’s had a small sign of water. So I cleaned it up and buttoned it back up.

I'm be changing out the tranny oil shortly.

Tech - where in Anza did you find that deep a stream? Going out to Carrizo Station or back to Coyote Canyon or elsewhere?
Brentbba-That's exactly what I was thinking. There just isn't that much water there, or Anza Borrego would be a lake, since it has no outlet. We were there in the wet season and the max water depth was on the order of 1 foot or so.
Cruiserdrew said:
Brentbba-That's exactly what I was thinking. There just isn't that much water there, or Anza Borrego would be a lake, since it has no outlet. We were there in the wet season and the max water depth was on the order of 1 foot or so.

Maybe last winter 2004-2005? We had over 30 inches last year and not even 10 this year so far.

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