nostalgic TEQ stickers available

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    TEQ stickers for sale. these are replicas of the
    original Toyota logo. brought to you from the files of
    John Holmaas and the creative mind of Jason Peters.
    below is a link to a digital copy of the sticker and ordering info. 187552&members=1

    the sticker is a 4 inch circle, with white characters
    on a red background. these stickers are selling for 3
    dollars a piece(that includes shipping in the U.S. for
    orders outside the U.S. please contact us to arrange
    shipping costs). No discounts for larger orders. For
    example if you order 1, your total will be 3 dollars,
    if you order 6, your total will be 18 dollars. You can
    order from either Jason or John

    Jason accepts Paypal to fjforty@h... or by
    check mailed to
    Jason Peters
    19 Xavier Terrace
    Newport RI 02840

    and John excepts Paypal to Jholmaas@h... or by
    John Holmaas
    8913 Randall Dr NW
    Gig Harbor WA 98332

    please mark TEQ on outside of envelope someplace(or I
    will think its a bill and toss it) both are selling
    the same stickers just one is on the east coast and
    one on the west coast both are selling these not for
    huge profits but to spread the wealth on the nostalgia
    of Land Cruisers

    more pics of the decal on my new mustard 82 fj40

    FWIW, this is not a business nor are we making much(if anything) on these decals, we just did it because we wanted some ourselfs and thought others would as well. We hope you like them

    BTW here is some info on what TEQ is

    and for a dang good laugh

    John H
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