Nostalgic Air A/C-Heat

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Jan 2, 2008
Lubbock, Tx
United States
Nostalgic Air A/C-Heat for FJ40 / FJ55

I have a virtuallylnew Nostalgic Air a/c - heater for sale.Here is a link plus mine has the defrost upgrade as well.
Fj 40 Landcruiser Kit With 2f Engine

I fabbed a plate out of aluminum to cover the hole in the firewall where the factory blower motor is.
I had installed the underdash unit in my 55 for heat(it was used for about 2 months before I sold the Pig) but never hooked up the a/c . It puts out quite a bit of air. It will work in a 40 or a 55.
Here are a few pics.
$650 + shipping
I also have a Kayline soft top w/ two piece doors and tailgate that I will post sat.
ac pic1.jpg
ac pic2.jpg
ac pic 3.jpg
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I would also do a partial trade for a set of 15x8 wheels (steel)w/ appropriate back spacing. I am also in need of a rear swaybar( for my 60).
For a new unit like this it would run about 850 + shipping.
If someone is really interested the price could drop a little.
Is there nobody in need of this. or does the price seem to steep.
Some feed back good or bad would be nice. If I am being unrealistic let me know.
Good price, just waiting on some bux...
Ok , I thought it was priced fair but wanted to make sure. I am going to post a Kayline soft top either this tue. or wed. of this week so I might combine them and make it a sweet deal.
It is a full top w/ 2 piece doors and one piece tailgate from coolcruisers will also include a bikini top just to get it out of the way.
Thanks for the post
i have bought them new for 650. they are a good system but a bit of a pain with making up your own lines. good luck

when was the last time you purchased one of there units?
when I bought mine it ran 700 plus 50 for the defrost option and with shipping put it over 800. When I went to there site the other day they wanted 850 for my unit plus shipping. I do know about 5 or so years ago they ran about 600 bucks. I am just asking becouse if you bought one after I did that kinda sucks on my end. :crybaby:
darn inflation:bang:
The AC unit showed up yesterday...very cool! Thanks for packing it so well, everything was in perfect condition. Now comes installation. Thanks also for shipping it so quickly. Cheers.

your welcome and thanks for being patient. I know you will be pleased with it. If you have a question let me know.

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