NOS FJ55 Weatherstripping

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Jan 10, 2004
Portland Oregon
United States
I have what i think might be a complete set of factory Toyota FJ55 rear taigate
weaterstripping. I still have them in bags with the part numbers on them. Does
anyone have a Toyota part listing breakdown to see how close i am to having a set.

I would also like to sell what i have as a set or as close to a set also

i will post the numbers here later as i am going to work now...


bull there is already about 5 people ahead of ya i will let you know
if it all falls through

Also my apologies to the forum moderators. I really wasnt trying
to sell as much as i was trying to get descriptions for the items
i have. sorry......

If anyone has the descriptions of these part numbers please post.

65658-90351 X 2
67872-90351 X 1
65656-90352 X 2
85221-90A04 X 2 wiper blades (easy)
68142-90351 X 1
65655-90351 X 2
65655-90351 X 1 Run
68141-90351 X 3
96920-52255 X 4

Thats it if you know then please indicate what exactly they
are, i just don have a clue

Thanks for all of the interest . The parts have been sold

did a search on google for this part and this was the only result.

I have 1 65656-90352 - W/S Tail Gate Wind. That is the toyota part number, new in package only have 1.

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