Ford Northstar 4.6 help...anyone??

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Apr 4, 2007
I was wondering if anyone knows this engine well...
I need some help in figuring out an issue.

Motor ran fine before swapping in a new starter, got new gaskets, tourqed everything down perfectly, but now it won't idle. Looked for a vacuum leak, but can't find one, anyone have any ideas?
chk the spark

I have a '95 Deathstar - several times i have changed a waterpump, spark plugs, a/c compressor whatever. Engine start idling bad - check spark, bad coil pack. Check the spark and then if you have the four coil packs across the top, you'll probably need to replace one. The plug wires if old and you bend one will go - you're pumping high high voltage through those wires and they can cause a misfire too.

Been there - replace that . . . :doh:
Nice, I'll heck that, thanks for the reply!!!
Coil packs are good, now gotta check the wires...


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