NorCal Newbie: Old Flame/New Love

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Apr 15, 2007
Hello All,
My name is Jimmy. I live in Sacramento CA and am a recently discharged USAF veteran.

My first vehicle (first ever owned) was a '72 FJ40 I bought from my dad. I was a Junior in high school and volunteered to let my auto body class spruce up my rest bucket for 2 years. We got it running replaced the floor pan, painted her Marlin Blur with White top and trim. On the last day of paint I was pulling my lady back into the shop to dry and the engine died. Well, when we rebuilt the distributer it didn't seat into the oil pump shaft and I will never forgive myself for the irreparable damage that did to the engine. It was locked up so tight that we pulled it around the parking lot with a farm tractor dropping the clutch just to try to break th motor free.


We dropped the oil pan and no one could have foretold the carnage we found. Chunks of bearings in the oil, purple and blue coloring all over the rods and crank, etc. I cried my eyeballs out that night - and I ain't no crybaby - I really loved that truck, but being young and dumb I didn't know all of the thing I could have done to take the broken eggs and make an omlett. So, my beautiful girl was sold (regretfully) for exactly the cost of the materials that I had in it. $400

I used the money to by an electric guitar for myself on my 18th birthday and have hated myself ever since.

Enter maturity!

After 9 years in the Air Force I got out and started working for myself this past year and after much searching I have found a prospect rig that may help me right the wrongs of the past. A new friend of mine is selling his '71 FJ40 with a barely running 350 already installed and I am only waiting for the bosses permission to wright him a check.

The rig is a bit of a diamond in the rough (more like the rough in the rough). The body is in great shape with only minor surface rust and a dent in the right rear quarter. He has already installed front disc breaks and a 22 gal gas tank, and has lots of extra parts and accessories. Even an OEM PTO winch. He wants to get rid of the whole shebang and I thing I might just be the guy to take it off his hands.

I am looking forward to reentering a long lost relationship, but I know we have our ups and downs to come. But, with all your help and support (I'm going to need to use this forum to death) I hope that it will be an old flame worth rekindling.

Looking toward the hills, and thinking of all those rocks just waiting to get crawled makes me feel just like that kid in high school again.

Thanks for letting me blabber on and I look forward to meeting you all and jibber-jabbering much, much more in the time to come.



Welcome:flipoff2: you will get a lot of great info here. Thank you for your service. Oh yeah post some pics.
I'm in Sac as well. Give a shout if you need help, but I don't know anything about SBCs.
Welcome.. Hope all works out and you can get your hands on the rig. I think we all have lost a few that we have kicked our selves for parting with; I know I have 3 or 4 I truely regret. Look forward to seeing some pics.
Welcome to MUD! One of my brothers retired from the Air Force several years ago. Flight Engineer on a C-130. What did you do?

Pics of your rig go a long way to helping folks see what you have. Redeem yourself from past transgressions and ditch the SBC for the original inline 6! :D

Good luck with the build....:beer:
Welcome to the board. I also just exited the Air Force a year ago. Welcome to your new addiction.

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