For Sale [NorCal] BMW '84-'91 e30 front seats, manual, tan (1 Viewer)


Nov 18, 2010
Oakland, CA
Pulled from an '89 BMW 325i. Tan vinyl. They're in good shape with no tears. A few tiny cracks in the driver's headrest. Manual operation. They are comfortable, with some side bolstering, and they match up well with the tan/brown interior of an FJ60. These are the "comfort" seats as opposed to "sport" seats, which are leather.

I bought these to replace the worn stock seats in my 85 FJ60, thinking that I could make them work with some light fabbing. I was wrong. They need a creative custom bracket solution to work in an '80-'86 FJ60. I know that it can be done by someone, but I accept that it will not be done by me. Access to a machine shop could turn this into a pretty easy swap.

Fitting them into an '87-'90 60/62 may be easier, as the mounting brackets have a slightly different setup in those years and the floor of those vehicles is a little different. Or maybe you want them for a 40.

The mounting holes for the sliders are on 16.75" centers left to right, and about 12.5" centers front to back. The sliders are integrated into the seat frame, so they've got to stay with the seats. Using the sliders from the FJ won't work, as I found out. The integrated seat belt receivers can be easily removed.

Basically, I'm giving up on these things and hoping that someone else out there wants to make them work.

I have not modified the seats in any way.

Price is $175 for the set, local pickup or reasonably close Bay Area delivery preferred. I'm in Oakland, CA.

PM or email me at davidfenton AT earthlink dot net

Thanks for looking-

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