Noob trys low gear....sorry for boring anyone

Apr 28, 2006
I havent taken my FJ off road yet, but did try something today that was a little satisfying.

The little nor'easter we just had dumped a nice bit of icy crusted snow around the house and the plows made some nice 2-3 foot piles. I stuck her in low, and with no throttle (i.e. idling) she climbed right up and over the snow sweat. I just laughed to myself. Low makes all the difference as compared to leaving it in Hi and muscling over.

Sorry for such a stupid post, but I was tickled with the ease with which it hopped up and over. For anyone who hasnt popped it in low yet.....find an appropriate obstacle and try it out. It is fun, even if only for just a minute. I think I will try to hit the Toyota trail team in VT.


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Jan 15, 2002
Toquerville UT
please don't hit us, just pop by for a visit ;)

Put the June Coal Mine Classic event on your calendar!

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