Noob Steering Question - can anyone identify this steering set up (1 Viewer)

Aug 30, 2020
I have a new (to me) 77 FJ40 I picked up off ebay. Always wanted an FJ for about the last 30 some years when I bud of mine had one when I was living in Washington state. Anyway the stars finally aligned and I have a new to me FJ40. I'm beginning to think the F stands for Frankenstein. Yes it has a 350 SBC (which I wanted, I'm not a purist). Sounds great and I swear it'll do a wheelie if I really romped on it. Also has disk brakes all around. Supposedly a detroit locker in the rear diff but I haven't pulled the cover off to check it out. No hard top, but a fairly new BESTOP. Got the blower motor working again but needs a new resistor. And now to the steering question. The FJ has a p/s conversion on it, I've searched thru the forums but can't find anything that looks to be like what I have installed. Hoping someone can tell me something about this set up. The FJ tracks fine but I think the right tire has some serious toe out and trying to figure out how this set up might work. Why I think it has a lot of toe out is that going around left turns you can hear and kind of feel the passenger tire chirping. The nearest alignment shop is about an hour away so if I can wrench it myself I'd be happy to do it. I'm not looking for a dead nuts accurate alignment just want get rid of the chirping. And when parked with the steering straight you can kind of see that the passenger wheel is canted outward. Attached are some pics of the linkage. If anyone is familar on who made it or how to adjust I'd be grateful. The top rod is connected to the steering box (which is mounted on the front bumper) and the lower rod is connected to the the drivers side. Thanks in advance.

Screen Shot 2020-09-02 at 9.49.19 PM.png

jim land

Aug 6, 2007
scott quebec
Pics of the steering box ,mounting plate and steering shaft could be interesting and helpfull , the front crossmember is probably as bad .
Look like you have thick wheel spacers , it push the tire out of the rotation axis and could make some weird sharp turning effect

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