Non-Factory Subwoofer Installation

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Nov 11, 2017
Albq, NM
I might have caught the car audio bug again. Over the weekend, I installed a set of Hertz 165.3 components in the front doors, and moved the JL Audio components that were in there (a surprise to me) to the back doors. I installed dynamat in the doors, which helped. It has a decent Pioneer headunit (bluetoof, 50Wx4) that I plan to replace with a double Din unit at some point, but not top priority. The sound quality is pretty nice now, but the low end lacks.

I had the dreaded foam separation issue on the stock subwoofer. Removed that siliconed the foam ring, and that fixed that. Still didn't sound great, but not rattling. I used the speaker outputs of that and put it into a 6" bazooka tube (amp unworking) and it sounded better. tonight I plugged in an old 10" subwoofer I had, and that improved things further.

All this to say - I am interested in going a little farther with the audio system, but I also plan to put drawers or an elevated tray in the back within the last year or so. I'd like to put a 10" or 12" subwoofer with an amplifier (under the seat or concealed) in the back of the truck. I have had some huge stereo systems in the past, the largest being 4 12W6 JL audio subwoofers in the trunk of my jetta - good for 156.6 db. No interest in getting that loud now, but I'd like to get near 30hz and have it compliment the music and a good amount of thump. I've been out of the game a long time, and I don't know what is good any more. Amplifiers and subwoofers have come down a long ways in price now from the last time I shopped for them.

What have you done with your subwoofer setups in your trucks beyond the factory sub? Any drawers with sub boxes integrated? Interested in what you've done, thought about, or are going to do. Thanks for humoring me.
I went all out as well and took out everything Lexus related.

Thanks for putting up the link to your system. I like it except those PPI Art amps look to good to be stuffed under a seat and in a tailgate!
Thanks for putting up the link to your system. I like it except those PPI Art amps look to good to be stuffed under a seat and in a tailgate!

I know I can't show them off as I went for a stealth look and maximize space. In the other note I have a very high standards for audio stuff even thou they are big, I still would rather use those Legendary PPI amps than anything on the market now......
I have an Infinity Basslink self amped sub. Its not going to win any bass contest, but it was some nice filler bass that was self amped and compact. After I installed drawers it doesn't hit at hard though, and it rattles more than I would like. I'm guessing the position of it sitting higher and the sound bouncing off the glass instead of the car panels has something to do with it. I just ordered this and am hoping to lose the rattles.
NVX QBUS8v2 Quick Bass 8" Universal Amplified Subwoofer BOOST (QBUS8 v2)

My buddy runs a Rockford fosgate self amped sub he got off amazon for $160 in his LC, that thing hits pretty hard for what it is.
I am on my second truck and second color for this box.

The bungee cord is supposed to keep it from being a projectile if in an accident and make it easily removable. I doubt it would keep it from flying around. I do take it out or move it around often when hauling things.

Upgrade to the ancient MTX sub and mount coming soon. JL sub and some kind of metal hook and steel cable setup.


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