Noisy Fuel Pump

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Apr 17, 2003
I have 89 FJ62 with what seems to be a very noisy fuel pump. I can hear it in the cab even while at highway speeds. Decided to pull it and check it out. The fuel pump body has a piece of foam tie-wrapped around it and it's hard to believe this is normal. Has anyone else seen this? Does the loud noise indicate the pump is going to fail? Thank's in advance for any advice.
Sometimes fuel pumps just like to let you know they are still there :) In the past with electric fuel pumps, I have poured about a pint of 2-stroke oil in the gas tank when I filled up. The noise stopped after that. I think they do make an electric fuel pump oil, but the 2-stroke oil did the trick.
I had one of those solid state pumps that I got from a local parts store (just like the ones that TPI sells). I was pretty dissatisfied because the pump was loud, then ocasionally would have a temper tantrum - it would buzz and knock like crazy!. :dunno:

Here's what I had:
Sorry for the post that got cut short...
Anyway, I had a coworker suggest I consider a rotary pump. I got one (it was made by Carter, but I'm sure there are other manufacturers) and haven't had any trouble with it for a couple of years. It is very quiet also. The rotory one cost me about $40.00.

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