Noise that i cant find

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May 17, 2012
Nowra south coast of Australia
Hi ive got like a loud rattle sound coming from under the front of the 4by sounds like a loose exhaust but i cant find where its loose . And the annoying thing is it dosnt do it all the time but it does do it when im coming to a stop with the clutch in , But if you give it a rev it goes away also some times it goes away if you release the clutch and the press it again . Another annoying thing is that when i try and get out of the 60 to have a look to see where its coming from it goes away . I know that its a bit vague does anyone have any ideas ..... cheers dave
Throwout bearing?
Throwout bearing?

x2.....throw out bearing...

wait till the clutch goes out and change both then. Or if its really annoying....change the throw out bearing and do the clutch while your in there.

Im just guessing here as I am not there to here it...
can you record the sound?
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OK. you might want to check your motor mounts. If one or more are broken, then it might allow the engine to shift under certain conditions.
Thanks for the feed back ... We checked all the engine mounts and they all seem fine i got in the car and run it while it was on the hoist and they all seem fine . Didnt seem to be the right noise for a throw out bearing as it still made the noise with the clutch in ..

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