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Apr 27, 2014
Hey Guys and Gals,

This weekend Polly and I (and of course the dogs too) are headed to Noble lake in the southern tobacco roots for Polly's birthday! It has been our tradition on her birthday to invite our club to hang out and party off road some where. So either Friday night or saturday morning early we're going to up to Noble lake camp (camping for sure saturday night) and relax. If you want to come hang out for Polly's birthday let me know!

As far as the trail goes it should be a real easy, with some mine buildings that we can check out. The lake has cutthroat in it and no brook trout so the fishing should be decent. Polly and I will be getting our fly fishing on for sure.

Also I am going to attempt to bring a cake without her finding out so if you think youre going to come post up so I can try and get one big enough for everyone!

link to a post about noble lake from 2012
Oct 1, 2014
bozeman MT
We went up to noble lake last year. The trail is pretty mild. There is one bridge that looks pretty sketchy. A little shy of the lake at mustard pass we saw the largest moose ive ever seen. On the other side of the pass is serious bear territory, tons of scat every where. We initially set up camp until we noticed a grizz on the other side of the lake staring at us.

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