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Jan 13, 2007
Santa Fe, NM
So I got about 350 miles on this "rebuilt" F-motor. I was driving home today, in 4th gear cruisin about 45 and out of the blue it just drops power. Putter, putter, sounds like its only banging one or two cylinders. No power, I coasted till I needed to try to move it with the motor, no go just stalled. Won't turn over again. Almost but again it sounds like only one cylinder it trying to fire.. Checked fuel flow., its good. Checked the dizy seems like all the wires are tight and in place. At a loss here, my neighbor pulled me the last 200 yards home... :( Its raining now so I didn't spend too much time on it. But maybe some ideas about what to check next..

Thank you in advance. :wrench:
F motors have timing gears, no chain. However I seem to recall something about a organic composite damper within the crank gear that liked to let go, might be a different motor though (Built one too many brands of vehicles). Pull the plugs first and see how they look, go from easiest part to check to worse. Plus they're a good indicator of how it was doing before this happened.
It took a bit to figure it out.. I pulled each spark plug, each one looked really good but #4. #4 has some carbon. The other 5 look fine.. Pulled the valve cover cranked the motor all looks well. Next I was about to check if I was getting a spark and I noticed the tip of the points looked off, like the contacts were not flat. I rotated the dizy by hand and sure enough the points were not opening. Not fully closed ether, kinda crooked. I unscrewed the first screw to take the points out and the tip just fell off!! ND too!! Guess they just got weakened over time. Any way that was it..
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