No wonder why it wasn't warming up right...

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Apr 13, 2016
Well my temp gauge on my 82 fj62 was not moving more than like 3-4 needles width when it was fully warm and so I went ahead and ordered all my thermostat stuff. After only 1 broken bolt getting the upper housing off, this is what I found. No thermostat at all! Glad I got in there and took car of this.

You might want to replace the upper housing you just removed. It looks like the housing upper gasket sealing surface has corroded with big pits. The gasket may not seal fully against that irregular surface.

I got the housings all cleaned up and they felt smooth and did not catch a finger nail after cleaning up so I felt good about it. Been about a week now and it is warming up perfect and I feel great about it.

Thanks for the input!
Hell I broke the bottom housing in half taking bolts out. Got the part from a member here lol
The breaking of bolts when doing the thermostat is so common, it should be a sticky.

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