No wipers, blower, or guages

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Power wire up to your Amp gauge or the gauge itself.Sometimes gets corrosion arond the nuts of the gauge or the fusible link in your power wire ( small wire come off pos side of battery)
On my 79 half my stuff would quit working until I reached down and roll the fuses. Yes the block had been cleaned. Finally ordered a blade type holder off ebay and no more problems. Not saying this is your problem, just a starting place. See if you have 12v on BOTH sides of the fuse. Touch the holder not the fuse itself to see if its got connection.
Yes, fuses have been a problem, but they are all currently working. I used a little 400 grit paper wrapped around the fuse and slid it back and forth in the holder.
Thinking back, the blower and guages quit about the same time. The wipers quit more recently.
I'll look at the wire connections at the back of the fuse panel.
had the same problem and it turned out to be the wire on top of the transfer case for the reverse switch. the insulation wore off.

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