no start on 1991 fj80

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Feb 26, 2008
oahu, hawaii
the fj80 was running good, with no problems, yesterday went on a 100 mile trip with no problems, this morning it was raining pretty steady, went to start the fj80...and nothing, no clicking from the starter, no headlights..nothing. checked the battery,reads 12.43volts, even charged the battery, and tried again, no luck, checked fuses,circuit breaker all look good, so now the battery is connected but no electrical power to the entire truck any help would be appreciated. thanks.:crybaby:
The first thing I think of when you said no headlights or nothing is the battery cables need to be tightened. If you have no power anywhere then the battery is the first place to look. I would remove both cables and check to make sure all is tight then work from there. also check the fusible link, it should be in a little plastic box connected to the battery.
checked the cables and retightened as for the little box on the positive cable(fusible link) when i open it,i only see two nuts connecting the wires, no fuse or anything?
Do a search here. This sounds familiar - starting issue on the pre 93s

The fusible link box doesn't have fuses rather it should have 2 nuts of different sizes that 2 wires are connected to. these are your fusible links, a section of wire that acts like a fuse and "burns out" as I call it in the event of a short. disconnect both wires from the fusible link box and conect them to the positive side of your battery (disconnect the Negative side first to prevent shorting out if you touch a ground).
If your truck starts then go to the Toyota dealer and get a new one, they are around $15
If still nothing, re check the cables into your terminals and make sure they are not lose or corroded.
well.solved my simple problem, previous owner had put (aftermarket) battery cable post connectors on. the bolt on type where you bolt the wires to a clamp and tighten two bolts to secure. at first check it seemed tight, but after checking and tightening (just to see) and reconnecting...(PRESTO)!!!!, so thanks for the reply(s) anyone know of a better type of connector for the cable to battery top post connector?:doh:
Thank you RoaminGaz & IdahoDoug,
roamingaz, i would not have guessed the fusible link on the positive cable would look like that (with the two nuts), so good info for me in the future in case something else go wrong.
idahodoug, will do more searching for past posts.also thanks to anyone who might post prior to my reply.
thanks again, great forum...aloha

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