no start, no power, no idea

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Jun 5, 2005
Madison NC
Yes another "my cruiser won't start" thread. but good news is ive been reading over the 5 pages of material provided by search; but im still in the dark. The cruiser has been fine, wheeled a little yesterday but no mud/water, and walked out to go clean er up and it will not start.

First, i dont think its the starter but im not ruling it out, ive never had starting issues before ( no click no nada )

I opened the door and hopped in and the door alarm was chiming, courtesy lights on, etc and the second i inserted the key there was a low audible pop and everything went dead. it never turned the starter( heck i never turned the key before i knew something was up). i have pulled all fuses in kickpanel and box on driver inner fender, nothing looks to be burnt. now i have disconnected battery ( appears to have good charge 12.6) and reconnected, still no luck.

any and all help appreciated b/c i got two trucks down at the same time and nothing to drive..... thanks

going to try and see if another vehicle can provide power and then maybe the hot wire to starter test? dunno on this one
Maybe too obvious, and perhaps you checked, but did you clean BOTH battery terminals and check them for tightness? What you describe definetly sounds like a corroded/loose battery terminal.
I had a customer call me the other day with a "dead car". We had just installed a remote starter so she of course immediately calls us. We go to the car (just down the road) and find a corroded terminal. The car was completely dead but if you wiggled the terminals lights would come on. Worth looking into if you havent yet.
Did you check your fuses??
I think its solved and so i may have jumped the gun posting but if thats what i took im over it. thanks for the quick response and i did check all fuses previously, except one. I did neglect to mention i have the s/c and there was a burnt 7.5 amp inline fuse. i replaced w/a spare from a kit i thought was for the 55 rejuv. at the same time as wrapping a suspicious wire off the pos. battery post. Ken, beatings to me for neglecting to search FAQ.:shotts: and thank you again for the effort to collect and arrange such material.

two questions.... the three fusible links you mention off the pos. battery terminal are these directly off the post? this is where my suspect wire is w/ cracked housing

and i did not install the s/c myself, but it was done at the local dealer..... do you have this inline fuse coming out of the under hood fuse box heading to battery?
wow should have tried one at a time to know the true culprit.... erratic- Now i see the neg. terminal clamp is cracked and preventing it from tightening all the way. and the cable is barely long enough as it is so i hope i can find a new clamp maybe w/ a little extension for wiggle room.
Ah ha! the ole battery and ground crap. Gets u every time. Be sure to check the 3 fuse links for cracks, over heating, kinks etc. The battery and fuse links are one of the poor areas of our 80 series.

2 of 3 cracked, already ordered along w/ the s/c belt from our man dan. Hey since you got the s/c as well do you have an inline fuse coming from the underhood fuse box to pos. battery terminal? that was blown on mine as well, maybe a result of the fuseable link ??

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