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Jan 27, 2014
Bozeman, MT
Yesterday I was at the gas station filling up and when I went to start my car (82 fj60) it would not start. No turning over, no click sound, nothing. The lights and instrument lights all worked and did not dim. After a few minutes I smacked the starter and solenoid a few times with a wrench and the car started right up. I have been driving it around today with no problems at all. Does the no click mean bad solenoid or ignition? Why did it not work yesterday, but all day today its been working fine?
Starter is going out. I'll bet you'll need to smack it again pretty soon.

I rebuilt mine using factory parts. Pretty easy. I let mine go on like that for a few weeks before getting it rebuilt. Hitting it always seemed to work lol

Look to this post for pictures.

And an old thread with part numbers. Not sure if they are still correct though. Call beno for parts.
I've had the same symptoms on the starter on my FJ60. Turns out that the 12V+ wire that connects to the starter solenoid is loose (the connector that slides over the pin on the starter solenoid is loose). You could try prying the tabs inside that connector so that it more tightly grabs the pin, or you could try bending the pin up slightly with the connector on it.

starter fj60_arrow.gif.png
if it responded positively to the whacking stick, then its the starter. But I would check all the connections just in case.

I have only used OEM Reman units
Yes I did notice that the wire to the solenoid was very loose, maybe when I whacked it with the wrench it jostled it back in to place or something. I only noticed that today after you mentioned it. I think I will replace it anyway because the remanufactured ones are only $50 and Ill just hold on to the old one. Thanks everyone.
So I replaced the starter today, it starts up just fine but now the voltage meter on the dash reads 12v, but before I changed the starter it always read 14. What did I do wrong??

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