No Start: battery or starter? Advice?

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Mar 27, 2003
Below the Mackinac bridge
Wife called, LC wouldn't start. I read 11.9 Volts at the battery when I got there, 7.9 Volts while she turned the key and the starter clicked without turning the engine. Jump-started it with the heep, didn't wait for it to charge, and it started immediately. 83k on it, original battery, seems early for starter contacts, battery seems more likely. Thoughts?
Howdy! If it's the original battery, it's 6 years old. Good chance it is just dying of old age. If it started OK with a jump, then the starter is probably OK. Try charging up battery over night, then see if it holds charge. Could also check voltage at battery running should be a couple volts higher than not running. If not then the alternator is not putting anything back into battery. John
Battery - some last 5 years, some 8. Change it and all will be well.
She drove it a few miles home and parked it. An hour later it started without trouble, and now she's going store-to-store finding the perfect Easter basket supplies. I'll get a battery tomorrow. I'll soon be in training for a month, don't need any simple malfunctions to turn into stealership incidents while I'm away.
Overdue for a fresh battery.
Started several more times without a problem, I wonder if she had the key on while she was watching our son play baseball? I keep the lights on in the Winter, DRLs aren't enough for a white LC in a snowstorm. Still, the battery should handle that.
I'd also pull the contacts off and clean them thoroughly. It is amazing what a little corrosion will do for voltage.
Had the battery tested a Sam's Club, CCA was around 650, and I assume this is an 800+CCA battery, so it's bad. I needed a 72F battery, they only had 72N, and it didn't look like I'd be able to easily modify my battery cables to use the opposite layout. I ended up paying $20 more for my battery at BatteriesPlus, it *might* be a little higher quality than the Sam's Club/WalMart battery. I stuck the receipt in a ziplock and duct taped it to the battery, that's the only way the warranty is worth anything, no way I'll be able to find the receipt in seven years without it.

I think I could modify the battery cables, but not for $20.

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