No Start / Alarm questions 1992

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Jun 26, 2016
Richmond Virginia
No signal to the Starter from key (Yes I need to do more diagnostics and check / verify fuseable links. Today I am running down the rabbit hole of looking for the alarm. I have the under hood speaker and I believe I have found some suspect wiring behind my left kick panel. But nothing under drivers seat, Nothing under center console, Nothing alarm related behind left kick panel, and nothing behind the glove box... Where else should I look?

Kick panel:

Center console:

Under hood alarm speaker:

Alarm speaker close up:
Small plug under left kick panel that has 3 wires tapped into it.

and those crappy wires are even cut spliced and taped ~ It looks suspicious. The Blue and Green are the suspect ones ~ The Green runs down straight into a short white splice section and then into the Factory Green / Red. The Blue runs down into (2) white splice sections that each run off into different legs. One side runs into the factory BLUE and the other side runs in to the factory BLUE / YELLOW

Tried following them up under the dash but I loose them. Yes I need a Factory Service manual / wiring diagram.

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