No start after electric spark

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Jan 28, 2023
Look for advice on what could be causing my Landcruiser not to start. I was putting in some new 12V outlets to replace old none working ones, as I went to push everything back the wires between both 12V must have somehow go close and caused a small spark. Everything within the car, including the new 12V that have been installed. I have also checked the starter relay and have verified it is working correctly.
The only thing I can think of would be the starter, but I had just had the starter replaced, and was running the vehicle prior to replacing the 12V outlets. I would think starter if nothing happens when the key is turned but everything els works fine, but would a small spark from a 12V car charger outlet cause a starter to just die?
Check the fuse box under driver's left knee area, if you blow that 10A IGN fuse that won't start the truck.

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