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Feb 16, 2007
Solon, Iowa
Im back working on my 87 60. I'm not getting a spark. Also, the rotor turns freely on the distributor shaft when turned by hand. Im assuming this isn't supposed to happen because Zang brought his 60 down last night and I couldn't even move his. We also pulled his coil and ignitor and put them on mine with no change. Any ideas? Are we heading down the right road? One other problem. The bolt that holds the distributor wont budge. The 12mm wrench doesnt seem to get a good purchase on the head and vice grips have proven no better. The round over has started. Any tips to remove this guy?
Your distributor has screwed the pooch! The rotor should not turn freely when installed. The drive gear is held to the shaft with a pin. Either the pin broke or the gear broke. Either way its bad news. Try using some heat on the hold down bolt. if that doesn't do it weld a new nut to the old stripped one.

Thanks for the confirmation! I'm on the hunt for a new distributor. Is it a good idea to replace the vacuum advance as well? If I can find one.

Thanks again,

If you haven't freed up that bolt yet, then Kroil/PB Blaster/Liquid Wrench/etc. the hell out of it and let it soak in overnight before trying again. If it still doesn't work, then break out the hot wrench.

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