No Spark 91 Fj80

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Aug 24, 2020
Hello, before I post, I been reading and checking mostly all post to see if I can get the engine running, but no. I bought a 91 fj80, it was running but the guys I buy from remove all the interiors carpet seats and washed inside, outside and engine after that, it Never start again , I brought it home and I start the project. First fuel pump don’t run. Check wires and relay , bought new EFI relay, low power to the fuel pum and when I crank the engine cut power to fuel pump, find out it was a wire cut from battery + to the fuse box that gives power to the EFI relay, now I fix that, now I get power to fuel pump, coil pack ,igniter and distributor but no spark, I check on the coil pack that I don’t have a - wire goin in both of the wires are +, it’s That ok. I bought a igniter and noting, I bought a new distributor (not original) to see if it does something but not, what I can do. Thanks.

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