No running lights/reverse lights/lisence plate light

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1973 FJ40, 2F, 3 Spd, Wilwood f/r, 31x10.5R15
Nov 28, 2011
Hubert, N.C.
So I've used the search button until I'm blue in the face & have got no real idea of why I can't get theses light to work! I have blinkers/headlights/brake lights. I'am using a Haynes manual for the schematic but still can't figure it out. My 40 is a 3/73 and I un-taped the harness in the rear just to check wires for broken areas and came up that all is good. any ideas fellas I'm running out of ideas here!!!
Double check the color codes for your year and then test if those wires are live.
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I have on the rear but what's weird is I have the wire which is red w/purple stripe which is the reverse light I run it to the switch on the trans and at the end were it plugs into its hot but am not getting hot at the light. Does the green license plate light run of the greens at both left right taillights?
The easy solution to the back up light is to---assuming you can't find out why the harness isn't hot at the socket---add another wire to the harness that cuts into the live wire you described and route it to your back up light.

On the license plate light wire, yes, the wire should share a feed from the running light wire, since that bulb is only engaged when you turn on your running lights.

Here is a schematic for your question (on the back side of the harness).
Look at coolerman's site as he's got some great info and schematics on electrical stuff. Your rear switch is probably separate from he running lights. He's witch itself at the tranny may be bad. If you got no lights front or back, you might need to work from the fuse box and work out from there. Good luck, ty


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