No power when I turn the key, works after a few tries.

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Jul 20, 2021
Long Island NY
Been having an odd and specific electrical problems. On two occasions in the past week and a half I get in and turn the key and nothing. No lights no crank, seems flat dead. After a few times trying it starts and everything is normal but the clock is reset so it lost power somehow. Today I had a minute to look into it and saw my positive terminal had a bunch of blueish corrosion on it. Cleaned it off and reconnected, is there any chance that this was causing the issue or is that just wishful thinking? No codes and I have no idea how old the battery is. 2000 LC with 144k. Thanks. Also I only have a valet key that unlocks all doors and starts it but does not unlock the glovebox.
I was thinking battery, until about halfway through your post, when you suggested it. I'd put real money on this being the problem.
Check your ground terminal as well as make sure it’s tight. I think you found the problem.
That exact same issue has happened to me a few times in the past and it was always a loose or corroded negative terminal or chassis ground. I would turn the key to ON and wiggle the negative terminal and the brake booster would immediately kick on and then I could crank it over.
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Similar for me, my positive terminal loosens, and the same thing happens. No response to turning the key, but I wiggle the terminal connection and it cranks right up.

My issue is (I think) due to not having a battery tie-down, and the battery shifts, and loosens the terminal. I really need to get a battery tie-down.

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