no job = 40 runnin great with Chrome and all

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Nov 6, 2004
Lodge Grass, Montana

No job, no money, no internet - plenty of time to work on all those stupid little projects that never get done!

Installed some chrome -

tightened everything = no more oil leak!

new distributor, rotor,

welded a radiator bracket

moved the CB

and put in a copper oil pressure line - and new Temp gauge

Along with the new seats and stereo - the 40 is lookin good

now to get a rear window...for the hard top
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the 40 is runnin the best it ever has...

I know - not the best gauge - but money is tight...
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Any plans to use that power steering pump?;)
I know - everything is there but never hooked it up - that is on the project list along with figuring out all the "extra" wires the PO left when he did the conversion...

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