No Horn No Brakes

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Sep 23, 2003

I can't seem to trouble shoot what I think should be an easy fix on my 84 FJ60. I hope you can direct me cause I am going nuts....

Before you ask, yes, the fuses are all ok.

1. I replaced my two non-working horns with some new ones, but they don't work. I pulled the buttons apart on the steering wheel and they looked fine. Contacts are clean. I traced the wires as best I could and all looks well.

2. My brake lights work when the pedal is depressed, but my rear tail lights and rear side marker lights do not engage when the headlights are on. My bulbs are all new and the wires look fine behind the rear lenses.

How can I tell if the relevant relays are shot? If I have a blown fusible link? Or what am I missing?

Thanks. -K
I am in the same boat with the rear tail lights. I did a search on the archive and came up empty. :mad: I thought the job was a :banana:, instead it is turning into a four banana....and I know it shouldn't...

Are you sure the alternator is ok? :p


85 FJ60, 182k
Thanks Ganga...But the aernator checks out ok.....I took it Advance Auto Parts and took them up on their offer for free testing. I appreciate any help from the Board on my questions.
On the tailights/running lights: Pull your switch and jump across the harness side and see if you can ge tthem to com on. Common for the switch to go out. Does the dimmer work? IIRC the dimmer must work for the dashlights to work. You will need a wiring diagram.

No idea on the horn on a 60. it should have pwr to the relay all the time. If you have power tot he relay jump across the wires. If it blows then the relay is out.
check the fusible link ( + side of battery). The housing may look okay, but the wire inside is probably toasted and not making a connection. I'd be willing to bet your relays are fine.
I had a similar problem on my fj62. After spending good $ on a couple toyota relays (brake light relay, etc..), it turned out to just be the fusible link. Took me 5 minutes to fix. (I think I toasted it when I was wiring my air lockers w/o disconnecting the battery).
Anyway, hope this helps.
the tail light dilema had me running around in circles. brake lights and tail light worked seperately, but put them on together, and nothing.

Try cleaning the light socket, where the bulb goes in, i used a little emory paper to scrape off corrosion. don't know if it'l help you, just an idea
On the horn, I'd check the spring loaded pin which makes the contact to the steering wheel and horn. They wear down over time to the point where no contact is made anymore.
No Horn No Tail Lights

Thanks Guys...I found the problems and will list the answers. Hopefully others will benefit from the archive and not waste an inordinate amount of time on these issues.

1. Tail lights. I had a busted line in the rear quarter panel. I accessed it from the rear wiper bag and fixed that.

2. The horn was malfunctioning because the spring loaded pin was not seated properly on the steering wheel. Thanks Cruiser_Guy, this was the problem. I pulled the steering wheel and plastic covers off. I took a piece of wire and touched the spring loaded pin and a piece of metal on the steering column. The horns went off. This told me that the wiring to the horns was fine. Basically the spring loaded horn pin was worn and not making good contact on the brass ring on the back of the steering wheel. Not wanting to buy new parts, I simply pulled the brass ring off and put some electrical tape behind it as if they were washers. With the new tape between the brass ring and the steering wheel the spring loaded pin was making solid contact. I added some dialectric grease to everything and put it back together. Problem solved.
Horn trick worked! I followed the tape advice and it worked great! Thanks a million.

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