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Sep 20, 2011
Reno, NV
I have been slowly slogging along with my 3/77 revival, it currently sits waiting for media blasting and knuckle rebuilds and replacing tie-rod ends, etc.

So a co-worker learns that I am reviving an old 77' LC and he says he has a neighbor that has one just sitting that his son beat up pretty good and would probably be up for getting rid of it. I am not really interested, but went to take a look. It looked rough, like a lot of them do, so I emailed my co-worker and made a super low-ball offer to give to his neighbor. I figured it might be a parts vehicle at the least. Maybe use the 2/77 as model to rebuild the 3/77, i.e., wiring harness reassembly, etc.

I heard nothing for 4 months, then got an email from the son and we settled on a price. He obtained title and I went and made the deal yesterday. Okay, let's see if I just made an irrational decision based on what you see next.

The Bad:
The seats are trashed. The body is pretty rough, both fenders are in bad shape and there is a nasty crease in the back left corner that broke the corner window, ambi door window and damaged the cap. I may be forced to make this a top-off only ride.

Rust in all the familiar places, rear quarters, sill and both rocker panels. There is also a bend in the front of the left front cowl and some fitment issues with the hood, etc. Nothing time, money and sweat won't fix.

The Good:
Bought this from the original owner. Purchased from the dealer in Grand Junction, CO. The all original engine has 123k miles. Checked the oil, added gas, pulled the choke and started her right up. Loaded her up on the hauler and drove her home. Found a couple of bonus goodies under the drivers seat -- kind of nice.

So, now in my 3 car garage, I have in bay 1 - a frame, removed trans, and a 2F on a stand. Bay 2, the 3/77 body on a cart awaiting media blast, and now in bay 3, a 2/77 FJ40. The 1997 Tacoma and new 2013 Tundra is left outside.

So, I ask you... was the White 2/77 worth the $700 I paid?
Hi all,

Heck yeah! :D

Unless the body tube is completely rotted-out, $700 is a great price. If you can clean it up, and get it running you could sell it for $2,000 easy.

Good luck!

what he says /\
Don't mean to bump my own thread but I had mentioned some damage to the rear cap and body... thought I'd post that pic. Also, after some searching here, is the top worth repairing? I am leaning towards going soft top or top off only on this 2/77 and keeping the 3/77 hard top. Thoughts please? Thanks.
Thanks for the tip Fast Eddy. Just researching my options now for soft top conversion.
700 he'll ya, clean it up add a little PM and make a top off driver, that way you have one nice one and one beater... Can't have too many cruisers..
I'm catching up to your four -- not to be a stalker, but you live about 2 blocks from me. I drive by your fleet of LC's every day.

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